the pretty titty show

Still Ill Studios & Liam Wheeler present:
"The Pretty Titty Show"

nothin' to write home about....cept I'm hung like a Shetland Pony and........and well, almost that cute...also, I love these 3 girls (I don't get the "facts of life" I needs to; "grow the fuck up" you see we (those girls who used to love me more than jewelry, getting their nails done, jimmy choo shoes, talkin shit about what sluts my other girlfriends were (I secretly made them that way.....shhhhhh my mom told me that and I also make chicks Bi-Polar, sheeeeit!!! All the qualities you want in a man) and 35.3 "Mighty O's" a week!!! (true story, you can have Oprah's people act check that! You can fool those fucka's into believing "a million tiny pieces wasn't an embellished poorly written Bukowski rip-off
!!! (that I decided all this after 23 pages) and, it then became emergency "beer ring furniture saver things".... I'm a Harlequin love machine or a dirtier mind does not exist) who used to love me more than......than than than their Daddy's......actually no, they did not stretch the love bug legs into that dandrerous kinda territory...we broked up, and I'm all broken all happened a long time ago in this tiny new galaxy..... a long time ago....and thats why my memoir I dub "douche delux" right after "breakfast in bed"